About OEC

OEC is a trusted partner with a deep understanding of Photon Counting Detectors and Applications. We provide detectors from Micro Photon Devices with 30ps timing resolution, superior detection efficiency, low dark counts and low afterpulsing. We sell PicoQuant’s Multichannel Picosecond Event Timers: PicoHarp 300, HydraHarp 400, MultiHarp series that have up to 64 detector channels and the TimeHarp 260. These products are very powerful and versatile because each channel is independent and can “time-tag” the photon.

We also sell Single Photon Counting detectors based on Superconducting Nanowires from Quantum Opus, which now offer a complete wall-plug portable system that has a one push button cool-down. New to the product offering is a Single Photon Source from Quandela. Quandela are experts in the fabrication of performing devices for the research in quantum photonics and quantum information. They fabricate unique solid-state sources of quantum light and opto-electronic modules for the interface with fiber based systems and integrated photonic circuits. Quandela’s Single Photon Source delivers Identical / Indistinguishable Photons with High Brightness, High Purity that are on-demand. These sources will bring a new revolution in quantum technologies based on light.

Finally, we sell a novel interferometer from NIREOS as an add-on to the Photon Counting detectors and TCSPC electronics to provide a Time-Emission Spectra for applications like Time-Resolved Photoluminescence.

We are very knowledgeable about the Photon Counting Detectors, PicoQuant’s Picosecond Event Timers, and the Quandela Single Photon Sources. We will be able to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to our discussion.

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November 11, 2021

Q2B – Practical Quantum Computing

December 7-9. 2021 Santa Clara Convention Center. Booth number E15
November 11, 2021

SPIE BIOS / Photonics West

January 22-27, 2022 Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA BIOS Booth #8316  / PWest Booth # 3316
October 11, 2021

SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing

April 5-7, 2022 Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, FL Booth # 830

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